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You can receive treatment at a monitor price on the condition that you can take pictures before and after the surgery, video shooting during the surgery, and cooperation on the website.

30 years experience and track record

Never be unnatural, double eyelids.

In order to clean your precious eyes, we will tell you that you can have surgery with a long history of technology and experience, and guaranteed surgical procedures. The director who has more than 30 years of experience and experience performs double eyelid treatment using experienced technology.

It has been reported that the medical treatment abroad has no known medical doctor, no warranty, no rough and unsanitary surgery, and no careful consideration at all.
Please select a medical institution that will not leave regrets throughout your life.

double eyelid

Double eyelid surgery

Director Nobuhiro Suetake operates

I would like you to have a satisfactory operation because it is a single treatment in my lifetime.
In the treatment room, you will relax while listening to healing music, and the director will take care of you so that you can have a smooth and relaxed operation.

The surgical technique presented by the director at the academic meeting does not seem to be an unnatural double eyelid when meeting another person after surgery.

Buried method
  • Buried method (both eyes)
  • Buried method + Partial cut method (both eyes)

I can hardly tell the scar. Since the eyelids will be completed on the day of surgery, no hospital visit is required.

Due to the warranty system, aftercare will be provided if you have any concerns after surgery.

Pain-free care

We use a 34-gauge needle to inject anesthetic into the eyelids to reduce pain in patients with double eyelid surgery.

Pain-free careIt is good news for patients because it allows smooth injection for less pain.

It may seem like a needle, but the slight thickness and sharpness of the needle will affect the pain at the time of injection.
From the pain assessment, it can be said that the pain was reduced to less than half.

The risk of internal bleeding has also been reduced and you can now undergo surgery.

Case photo

Before treatment

Before double eyelid treatment

After treatment

After double eyelid treatment

Cost: 120,000 yen (132,000 yen)
Risks and side effects: Internal bleeding may occur.

Before treatment

Before double eyelid treatment

After treatment

After double eyelid treatment

Cost: 178,000 yen (195,800 yen)
Risks and side effects: Internal bleeding may occur.

Before treatment

Before double eyelid treatment

After treatment

After double eyelid treatment

Cost: 120,000 yen (132,000 yen)
Risks and side effects: Internal bleeding may occur.


Buried method (both)120,000 Yen(132,000 yen)
Partial cut method (both)178,000 Yen(195,800 yen)

* Treatment is free medical care (not covered by insurance).

Risk, side effects, complications

The risk and frequent complication of double eyelid surgery is postoperative internal bleeding.
The possibility of internal bleeding is about 20%, and it may appear after surgery or may appear several days after surgery.
To prevent internal bleeding as much as possible, even if the thread is carefully passed with a special thin needle, the needle will hit the blood vessel of the subcutaneous tissue and cause internal bleeding.

It takes 1 to 2 weeks for internal bleeding to disappear, but since you can make eye makeup around the eyes from the 3 day after surgery, you can hide it with a foundation or concealer. Be aware that internal drinking may occur due to heavy drinking on the day.

Regarding infection, antibiotics are given before surgery, so there is almost no trouble due to infection in the past.

Swelling often decreases by about 2% in a few days, and the remaining 3% ​​is reduced in about a week. Swelling is likely to occur if eyelids are inflamed for a long time using eye petit or eye tape depending on the individual.

In this hospital, there is no report of any damage to the cornea or any trouble to the eyeball, because it is performed in such a way that the conjunctival surface is scooped and the thread never touches the cornea.

Use of contact lenses and eye makeup are prohibited for 3 days, but face washing is possible from the day. Please refrain from rubbing the upper arm for 3 days.


The partial incision method is a method that makes it difficult to remove the thread later by widening the hole through which the thread passes a little with thin tweezers and a needle.
If there is an eyelid thickness or it is difficult to make a double, it is more likely to come off later.
In addition, there is less swelling than the burying method.

You will receive counseling. (Explaining the surgery in detail from the director)
You may make up your makeup on the day of your surgery, but you will always need to remove your makeup.
Consult with the director about what kind of double you want to do and start surgery.
The operation time is about 20 minutes with both eyes.

Anesthesia is injected with the 34 gauge and the thinnest needle, so you can feel it.
Due to the anesthesia being effective, there is almost no pain during the operation.

Although it is slightly swollen due to anesthesia, it is less swollen than after crying.
Sufficient post-surgery cooling will help the swelling.

Do not rub.
You can wash your face, but please wash gently around your eyes.

Remove before surgery.
Please bring your glasses on the day of surgery as it cannot be used for 3 days after surgery.

Foundation is possible from the next day, but the suture site cannot be made for 3 days after surgery.
On the day, bathing and drinking are contraindicated.
You can wash your face, but gently wash around your eyes.
You can take a bath from the next day.

If the line disappears completely (excluding aging and some line changes), we will re-treat for free. (In principle, this is a 3-year warranty.)

Some cuts may cause internal bleeding, but must be removed.

Since it is threaded on the same line as a double person, the eyeball will not be damaged.

Introduction of the clinic

In-hospital introduction

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Medical doctor

Director and Medical Doctor Nobuhiro Suetake

  • 1987 Graduated from National Gifu University School of Medicine
  • 1st Department of Surgery, Gifu University Hospital, 1987
  • 1991 Instructed young doctors at major cosmetic surgery clinics in major cities nationwide, chief doctor
  • 1996 Year Sakae Clinic opened
  • 2011 Graduated from Juntendo University School of Medicine
  • 2012 Part-time lecturer at Juntendo University School of Medicine

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