Autonomic nerve function test

Autonomic nerve function test

What is autonomic nerve

Nervous system governing human life activity

Autonomic nerve function

Autonomic nerves are the nerves that control life activity, responding to stimuli and information regardless of your will, controlling body functions and adapting the body to the situation. It works automatically according to information and stimuli from outside.

In addition, we coordinate systems such as breathing, blood circulation, digestion absorption, excretion, reproduction, endocrine,The role of the autonomic nerve is to arrange the body circulation necessary for life supportIt is also.

Autonomic nerves work in conflictSympathetic nervous systemParasympathetic nervous systemIt works by competing with each other and regulating the whole body.

This software enables scientific analysis (heart rate variability analysis), graphically displays the state, and grasps the current functional state of the autonomic nerve.

The heart rate variability analysis system is used to correctly evaluate autonomic nervous function. By using this system, it is possible to grasp the effects of aromatherapy, etc., for which scientific evaluation of therapeutic effects has been difficult. Also used for biofeedback training for breathing.

Originally a system developed by Russian scientists and used for space development, after the collapse of Russia, a Russian scientist who started in the United States launched a venture company Biocom and a tie-up of technical and clinical research And clinically developing the system.
"Heart rhythm scanner""Inner balance scanner”The“ heart tracker ”system examines the functional level of autonomic nerves by RSA.

Inspection time5 minutes

Autonomic nerve measurement

What you can understand by measuring

Autonomic nerve measurement

Attach a sensor to your ear5 minute measurement
Displays the current autonomic state.

The result of the inspection is displayed as a graphic on the computer screen.
The horizontal axis represents sympathetic nerve function, and the vertical axis represents parasympathetic nerve function level. The center area is normal, and the sympathetic nerve function is higher when the circle indicating the test result is on the right, and the parasympathetic nerve function is higher as it is higher. When you become a top athlete, ideally you have a high level of sympathetic function and parasympathetic function.

On the other hand, when parasympathetic nerve function declines, immune function declines and it is easy to get cold. It is in a state where it goes down immediately due to overwork.

Autonomic nervous function of top athletes

Top athletes can improve their autonomic nervous function that controls their muscles and their body.
For example, the body of a racer who fights for a long time under extreme stress is loaded with G (gravity), which is not considered normally. Although the lateral G that causes ischemia in one side of the brain is added, it is not because the autonomic nerve controls it.


Autonomic nerve function test30,000 Yen(33,000 yen)
* Includes counseling and instruction fees

* Inspections are free medical care (not covered by insurance).

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