Semiconductor laser irradiation

What is a semiconductor laser?

Autonomic nerve function can be enhanced by irradiating a semiconductor laser.

"Medi Laser Soft Pulse 10" transmits the laser light to the deep part while maintaining the average output of 10W together with the pulse irradiation of the peak output 1W to transmit the laser light to the deeper part.

The irradiation method uses a fiber optical system as in the conventional device, and a high output and uniform output distribution can be obtained.

Semiconductor laser
Treatment time5 minutes
High power irradiation by pulse wave

■ High power irradiation by pulse wave
Since laser light diffuses rapidly in the living body, it is necessary to increase the laser output to transmit it deeper. However, increasing the output increases the thermal effect on the body surface. "Medilaser Soft Pulse 10" is capable of irradiating with high peak output of 1W while irradiating laser light with pulsed energy, while suppressing the irradiation energy related to heat generation to 10J / second, which is the same as the conventional equipment.

■ Biological permeability of pulse irradiation
In the living body, the laser beam intensity decreases rapidly as it goes deeper due to scattering and absorption as shown in the figure. "Medilaser Soft Pulse 10" realizes transmission of irradiation energy with sufficient laser light intensity by switching the 10W laser element at high speed. By irradiating laser light intermittently, cooling time is created and unnecessary heat generation is suppressed, and laser light with sufficient intensity is guided to the deep part of the living body.

Biopermeability of pulse irradiation

Semiconductor laser therapy

Irradiation to stellate ganglion block

Low-power semiconductor lasers have the effect of “relieving pain caused by chronic non-infectious inflammation of muscles and joints”.
・ Joint pain, bruise, sprain, rheumatism
・ Muscular headache, trigeminal neuralgia, occipital neuralgia
・ Stiff shoulders, fifty shoulders, back pain, back pain
 It is applied to pain such as.
Although there are still many unclear points about the mechanism of action, it is thought that the action of light relieves pain by returning the living body to a normal state.

It is also effective for chronic inflammation and pain of tendons and ligaments. Irradiation near the stellate ganglion has been shown to improve overtension.

The function of the autonomic nervous system decreases with aging, but by increasing this function, aging can be prevented to prevent aging. Improving the autonomic nervous system that controls most of the biological functions has been found to be aging care.

The Dermatological Association has been attracting attention as a treatment for atopic dermatitis, which has been reported to be more effective than using a strong class steroid ointment. Semiconductor laserBy irradiating the vicinity of the stellate ganglion, homeostasis (homeostasis) can be obtained.


Initial examination fee3,000 Yen(3,300 yen)
1 times 5 minutes

3,000 Yen(3,300 yen)

* Treatment is free medical care (not covered by insurance).


It is effective for various symptoms such as aging care, atopy, stiff shoulders and back pain.
The function of autonomic nerves decreases with aging, but it is semiconductor lasers that can enhance this function.

Irradiate the part of the neck where the sympathetic nerves gather (stellate ganglia) or painful parts.

Please irradiate yourself. Partially irradiate for 30 seconds.

The frequency is not fixed, but most people go to the hospital at the top of the week. In addition, it is possible to irradiate every day because it has no side effects.

Many people say that their body lightened immediately and their pain was alleviated.

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