Supervision of autonomic nerve music business

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Friend artist ACOON HIBINO Like Supervision of XNUMXHz music businessI am allowed to do it.
The possibility of XNUMXHz music that can approach the autonomic nerves is great, and I am an artist as a researcher of my autonomic nerves so far.www.nobu-suetake.comThe experience as a person is utilized.
ACOON HIBINO won the XNUMX Japan Record Awards ProposalHe is an artist who has been searching for the ultimate healing music through various musical activities.
The wave itself with a frequency of XNUMXHz has the effect of adjusting the autonomic nerves. It is a big discovery that overturns the conventional concept of healing music, and it will be a music field that attracts attention.
We hope that as many people as possible will know and listen to this music, and that it will help us to improve our autonomic nerves.