We are looking for a monitor for plastic surgery and skin treatment.

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Recruitment of monitors for plastic surgery and beautiful skin treatment (XNUMX-XNUMX% off)
 Nobuhiro Suetake, the director of the hospital, will perform all the treatments.

XNUMX: Monitor operation contents

 Petite shaping
 ・ Nose https://www.sakae-clinic.com/petit/nose
 ・ Jaw https://www.sakae-clinic.com/petit/ago
 ・ Ella (small face treatment) https://www.sakae-clinic.com/petit/kogao
 ・ Tear bag https://www.sakae-clinic.com/petit/mebukuro 
 ・ Lip https://www.sakae-clinic.com/petit/lip/
 ・ Gummy Smile https://www.sakae-clinic.com/petit/gummy_smile/

Beauty treatment
  ・ Rabian (BB Laser) https://www.sakae-clinic.com/face-care/laveen
  ・ Beautiful skin laser (Q YAG laser) https://www.sakae-clinic.com/face-care/tooning/
  ・ Photo RF (Ultima) https://www.sakae-clinic.com/face-care/rf/
Wrinkle treatment / sagging treatment
  ・ Wrinkle injection https://www.sakae-clinic.com/face-care/botox
  ・ Hyaluronic acid injection https://www.sakae-clinic.com/face-care/hyaluronic
  ・ HIFU (Ultraformer) https://www.sakae-clinic.com/face-care/ultraformer

Diet/Partial weight loss
  ・ Lipolysis / decomposition injection https://www.sakae-clinic.com/body-care/mesotherapy
  ・ Banquish https://www.sakae-clinic.com/body-care/vanquish

Wakiga hyperhidrosis
  ・ Sweat / odor removal injection https://www.sakae-clinic.com/body-care/wakiga/#i-9

Removal of moles and warts
  ・ Mole electrolysis or laser treatment with Rabian https://www.sakae-clinic.com/face-care/hokuro/

Scar and surgical scar treatment 
  ・ Fractional laser treatment https://www.sakae-clinic.com/body-care/scar/

Hair growth and hair growth treatment
  ・ HARG therapy https://www.sakae-clinic.com/mens-care/harg

Tattoo removal treatment
  ・ Q YAG Laser https://www.sakae-clinic.com/body-care/aza-irezumi

Monitor fee
 As a general rule, all treatments are 50% -80% off 

 Please contact us by phone for details.

 No counseling fee or initial consultation fee is required
Includes all anesthesia costs, reexamination costs, drug costs, care costs, guarantee costs, etc.

Monitor condition

18 years old and over regardless of gender (Minors require parental permission)

 Permission to view case photos used for in-hospital counseling for those who can visit the hospital twice after treatment before and after taking photographs (partially and entirely) to the extent that no individual is identified (individuals are not identified. )
And permission to post before and after treatment site partially on the homepage (individual is not specified)
Please survey the impression of the result of the operation.

The treatment will be handled by the director, Sutake, from beginning to end.
Guaranteed results on the monitor (additional treatment for free if less effective)