Our new coronavirus infection countermeasures

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We hope that patients who go to the hospital can receive medical treatment with peace of mind
We carry out maximum hygiene management.

Ⅰ. In addition to the standard precautionary measures, disposable gloves are used in all procedures, and contact infection and splash prevention measures are taken.
Ⅱ. Although the examination room and counseling room are private rooms, they are thoroughly disinfected and ventilated with consideration for privacy.
Ⅲ. Currently, there are no examinations, therapeutic procedures, or treatments in the oral cavity, nasal cavity, or trachea where aerosols may be generated in the clinic.
Ⅳ. Patient movement is restricted to medically necessary purposes.
部位. The parts that may be touched by the patient are frequently disinfected using rubbing alcohol. (We can open the door as much as possible because we can handle privately.)
Ⅵ. We have made a system to make appointments completely and to avoid making reservations for multiple patients within the same time as much as possible, and to minimize contact with other patients in the hospital.
Ⅶ. Encourage patients who have a health problem such as fever of 37.5 ° C or more, cough, sore throat, and taste disorder to refrain from visiting the hospital in advance, and make appointments to minimize the risk of hospital-acquired infection. We have you.
Ⅷ. A non-contact thermometer is installed at the reception so that patients who come to the hospital can measure their body temperature instantly without using a thermometer. (It is not necessary to use a thermometer used by another patient.)
Ⅸ. Humidifiers and air purifiers are installed at the reception to try to eliminate viruses.
Ⅹ. We also provide preventive treatments such as high-concentration vitamin C infusion, hydrogen inhalation, and immunity-enhancing cocktail infusion that may be effective in preventing new-type coronavirus infection.

* Staff (receptionists, nurses) also adhere to strict infectious disease prevention measures.

-When using a mask, we conduct a fit test in advance and check the seal when wearing it, familiarize yourself with the procedures for removing masks, gloves, etc., and take care not to pollute the environment with contaminated medical materials.
・ We do not touch our eyes or face without implementing hand hygiene.
-All disposable products are used for gloves, cloth (draping) equipment and patient environment covering materials. After use, they are sealed in a special infectious waste container and discarded.

* Infection prevention measures at staff and doctor's homes

We instruct cough etiquette and hand washing thoroughly, and we strive to maintain our health by always checking our body temperature and paying attention to our health.
We insist that we know that we are a healthcare professional and refrain from unnecessary and urgent outings as much as possible, and always wear masks and avoid using public transportation whenever possible.
After returning home, be sure to wash your hands and disinfect your hands with rubbing alcohol.
・ If the staff or family members develop fever or respiratory symptoms, they must report to the hospital director and stay at home. I have indicated.
I will deepen my knowledge about the new corona measures and take measures to prevent in-hospital infection as much as possible so that patients can receive medical treatment with peace of mind.