Can the Olympics be held in reality?

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It cannot be held if Prime Minister Abe claims that the Olympics are in perfect form. There is a lot of chance that it will be canceled rather than postponed.

All global sports events scheduled for April, May, June and July have been postponed or canceled, and the selection of the 45% Olympic team has not yet been decided.

With the spread of the new type of corona, countries have closed their borders, and commercial facilities have been closed except for the necessities of living throughout the country.

The economic exhaustion of Olympic sponsors.

Volunteers, rehearsals, etc., have no prospects for the Games operation preparation plan.

Psychological repression, not a sport due to fears of global economic collapse and infection.

Risk of bankruptcy of tourism and accommodation-related companies before the Olympics.

Athlete refused to participate.

Due to a decrease in transport volume due to the collapse of the airline

Possible travel restrictions

New Corona Infected Worldwide May End by July

Risk of collapsing Japanese medical institutions


As a sports person As a medical worker As a trainer for athletes aiming to participate in the Olympics As a trainer who gives lectures on sports risk management at graduate schools As a loving fan

I want a quick conclusion announcement.

I strongly hope that the event will be held, but in light of the athlete's feelings and reality, I would like to avoid conclusions that put priority on business.