Will the Olympics be held due to the new Corona?

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The news about the new corona is worrisome not only for its economic damage but also for its impact on the Tokyo Olympics.
From the perspective of a sports professional and a physician, and of giving a lecture on risk management at a graduate school, I feel that it is extremely difficult at this time to hold the event as scheduled.
I hope that the Olympics will be held no matter what. Take maximum infection prevention and safety measures and establish effective treatments before the Olympics, dramatically reducing the number of infected people ...

However, contrary to that wish, in Europe the border blockade, closing of all general stores such as Italy and France, NAB F1 soccer, professional boxing box office, figure skating world championship, many sports world cups were canceled and even the start date I do not know.
Olympic Qualifiers In some competitions, the selection of the Olympic Games may be postponed or canceled, and even the selection of Olympic athletes may not be possible.
It is certain that South America, Africa, and the Southern Hemisphere will spread the disease.

With the situation in mid-March, the Olympics from late July have become extremely difficult physically and medically.
The Olympics require rehearsal and preparation. And it was time for the Olympics to be all about the Olympics.
However, with the expansion of the new corona, reports on the number of people infected with the new corona and the number of fatalities became the main focus, and the news related to the Olympics decreased dramatically.

It's really painful to think of their athletes who have been in the sports world for many years and have interacted with many athletes, thinking about their current and inability to stand.

Considering the feelings of those suffering from the infection of the new corona and those who are waiting for their home as a close contact and spending uneasy days, they may be scolded that they are not sports, but they will spend their lives in the Olympics I would be grateful if I had the opportunity to think a bit about the athlete's mental care and their current position, who have been eager to this goal.

We believe that the activities of many athletes will give courage and energy to society.

I'm neither a respiratory physician nor an infectious disease specialist. think.