About correspondence of new coronavirus of our hospital

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We sincerely thank all those affected by the new coronavirus and those concerned.
The Sakae Clinic has been focusing on thorough infection control even before the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection.
Wakiga, hyperhidrosis treatment, etc.For patients who can undergo surgery, maximum consideration such as blood tests to respond to patients who may be infected, such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus carriers I went.
When working, we check the health of the staff, such as fever, chills, cough, and sore throat, and wash our hands, gargle, and spray alcohol disinfectant.
Thorough measures are taken to control infections, such as disposable ones that can be used during treatment and disposable ones, and treatment equipment and tools that cannot be disposable are sterilized for each patient.
Not only the new coronavirus, but as a measure against all infectious diseases, please come with confidence.

At the reception of our hospital, a body temperature measurement system that can measure the body temperature just by bringing the face close to the mirror can be used to perform a patient temperature test by introducing a thermomirror. We hope that you will be able to check for fever at your visit.
In the future, in order to give top priority to the safety of customers and staff according to the situation that changes every day, based on the policies of the government and each administrative agency, we will work on prompt measures to prevent infectious diseases and prevent the spread of infection.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation.