LHG hydrogen oxygen

Hydrogen inhalation for corona prevention!

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We recommend hydrogen inhalation for the treatment of infected people in China. In our hospitalHydrogen suction systemHas been confirmed to improve autonomic nervous function and is thought to be useful for improving immunity.

Latest on March 3 published on the China National Health and Health Commission websiteNotification of New Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan Issue (Trial Version 7)":
2. Long-term pre-effective measures, comprehensive nasal tube, mask cap, nasal high flow rate. Conditioned acceptable use mixed air inhalation (H2 / O66.6: 33.3% / XNUMX%) treatment.
We provide effective oxygen therapy in a timely manner, including nasal cannula oxygen administration, mask oxygen, and high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy. If there is a condition, treat with a mixed inhalation of oxygen and hydrogen (H2 / O2: 66.6% / 33.3%).
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