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Male pattern baldness drug

Subject to medical expenses deduction.

What is a male pattern baldness drug?

Internal medicine effective for AGA (male pattern baldness)

It is a "only drug" to control the progress of male pattern baldness.Male pattern baldness drugIs a drug originally developed as a treatment for prostatic hypertrophy and prostate cancer, but due to abnormal hair growth as a side effectMale pattern baldness drugHas expanded its use as a hair growth agent. In the United States, this drug is a drug that has already been approved as a "Nomura Hair Restorative".
It is a long-awaited hair restorer that has been approved and released by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan.

Effective for AGA (male pattern baldness)Male pattern baldness drugIs a powerful male hormone called DHT, which suppresses the action of hair matrix cells that cause hair thinning, and prevents hair loss.

How to take

How much with AGA genetic testing
Can you expect an effect?
I understand.

Take one tablet daily.Male pattern baldness drugThe effect such as hair loss is reduced in about 3 months after taking, but it is necessary to take 6 consecutive days until confirmation.

If you stop taking it, AGA (male pattern alopecia) will begin to progress again.ContinuedMale pattern baldness drugIt is recommended to take a combination of topical medicine and topical medicine

There are individual differences in the degree of improvement.

Topical medicine for male pattern baldness

In addition to androgenetics that are effective for androgenetic alopecia, there are also topical medicines that are prescribed by a doctor.

Synergistic effects of hair growth and hair growth can be expected by using both oral and topical medicines. Apply the topical medicine to the scalp 1-2 times a day and massage lightly.
An improvement rate of XNUMX% has been observed for alopecia.
This medicine requires a doctor's prescription and cannot be purchased at a pharmacy.

Use properly according to your doctor's guidance and prescription. Recently, it can be purchased via personal imports such as the Internet, but we recommend a prescription at a medical institution because parallel imports and generics are available in large quantities.

Side effects of male pattern baldness drugs

Male pattern baldness drugs are contraindicated in women and should not be taken. Also, expectant and potential pregnant women should avoid touching internal medicines that have been crushed or cracked and have a pill coating. The active ingredient of the medicine may be absorbed into the body through the skin. However, it is said that there is no problem if men are taking oral medicine and women are pregnant.


Subject to medical expenses deduction.

Initial consultation fee (first time only)3,000 Yen(3,300 yen)
Male pattern baldness drug (1mg)
84 tablets (3 months)
23,400 Yen(25,740 yen)
Male pattern baldness drug (1 mg)
168 tablets (6 months)
42,600 Yen(46,860 yen)
Generic male pattern baldness drug
84 tablets (3 months)
17,400 Yen(19,140 yen)
Generic male pattern baldness drug
168 tablets (6 months)
34,200 Yen(37,620 yen)

* Revisit fee is free.

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