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HARG therapy

What is HARG therapy?

Only at medical institutions
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Hair growth / hair growth therapy

HARG therapy

HARG therapy is a treatment developed by joint research in various countries around the world to directly apply the active ingredient of the hair to the scalp. There are already many achievements in Europe and Korea, and the effectiveness of hair growth and hair growth has been established.

HARG therapy is a therapy that can be expected to have a synergistic effect by combining hair growth and hair growth injections that mix hair growth components such as various vitamins and amino acids with protein injections extracted from Stem Cell.

Features of HARG therapy

HARG therapy uses a "growth factor" that is effective for hair. By combining nutrients such as various vitamin preparations with this growth factor, a hair treatment that can be performed only at medical institutions has been realized.

HARG therapy is expected to have hair growth, thickening and hair growth effects for thin and thin hair and hair loss symptoms caused by various causes. It is an effective treatment not only for men but also for women.

HARG therapy is a treatment method in which synergistic effects can be expected by combining hair growth and hair growth injections that mix hair growth components such as vitamins and amino acids with protein injection extracted from Stem Cell.

About treatment

Aiming for a fundamental solution to thinning hair

Hair growth hair cocktail

HARG therapyThen, "hair growth hair cocktail" containing various vitamins, proteins and amino acid components necessary for hair recovery was blended with "Stem Cell extracted protein" extracted from human fat Stem Cell which can be handled only at medical institutions. Use "HARG Cocktail".

“Hair-growing hair cocktail” includes vitamin B necessary for hair recovery, buflomedil having a vasodilator effect, and a “hair cocktail” containing the amino acid cysteine ​​constituting the protein keratin of hair, and vitamins H and C necessary for hair recovery. Make a cocktail tailored to your individual condition by blending E etc.

For normal hair growth purposes, only the "hair growth hair cocktail" is sufficient, but in order to further increase the amount of hair and achieve a hair growth effect, extract "fat stem cells" from cells cultured for 5 generations into the "hair growth hair cocktail". Create a HARG cocktail with the mixed protein. This HARG cocktail is infused directly into the scalp every four weeks using the Napage, Papyre, or Derma Roller, and repeated 4 to 6 times.

Improvement of self-objective symptoms such as reduction of hair loss and improvement of hair quality are observed, and the resting hair roots are stimulated to start growing.

Treatment timeApproximately 1 to 20 minutes per time Approximately 30 minutes when using anesthesia
 (Including massage and other treatment times)
Number of treatmentsWe recommend receiving 6 to 10 treatments to promote hair growth. Most of the time, you can feel the therapeutic effect in 3-6 months. Many people can feel that hair has grown, thickened, and thickened.
Maintenance after treatmentWhen the course treatment is completed, we recommend that you visit the hospital for follow-up treatment about once every two months to maintain your condition.

For men and women
About HARG therapy

Men and women also have different hair longevity because of hormones. It is usually said that it is 2 to 5 years for men and 4 to 7 years for women, and the hair cycle repeats during its life. In this hair cycle, there are many cases where thinning hair occurs when the number of new hairs entering the growth period decreases.
Under the doctor's diagnosis, we change the combination of HARG cocktail to be infused and perform HARG therapy suitable for men and women.

Mechanism of HARG therapy

Mechanism of HARG therapy

The hair roots where hair grows are mainly "follicles." A hair follicle is a bag-shaped tissue, which can be said to be a very important tissue in the process of growing and growing hair.

In HARG therapy, the hair follicles recover and gradually grow hair by infiltrating the “HARG cocktail” incorporating various growth factors.  


All are eligible for medical deduction.
(Transportation fees for public transportation for hospital visits are also included.)

The director will be responsible for all medical examinations and procedures. (Nurse does not operate)

Part once120,000 Yen(132,000 yen)
Part once720,000 Yen(792,000 yen)
Part once1,080,000 Yen(1,188,000 yen)
Once all150,000 Yen(165,000 yen)
Once all900,000 Yen(990,000 yen)
Once all1,350,000 Yen(1,485,000 yen)
Anesthesia once3,000 Yen(3,300 yen)

* Costs include drug costs.
* Treatment is free medical care (not covered by insurance).

Risks / side effects / complications

Only temporary swelling and internal bleeding due to injection. To date, no infections or side effects due to the drug have been confirmed.


"HARG Cocktail" blended with "Hair-growing hair cocktail" containing various vitamins, proteins and amino acid components necessary for new hair growth, and "Stem Cell extracted protein" extracted from human fat Stem Cell which can be handled only by medical institutions ] Directly into the head.
This treatment is performed in about XNUMX hospitals nationwide, one of which is our clinic.
It is a treatment that can be performed only at medical institutions, so it is an effective and low-risk treatment.

There are some pains because it is injected over several places, but it is also possible to use anesthesia cream together to reduce the pain as much as possible.

The effect appears in about 2 to 3 months, and you can feel the hair growth effect from about 3 months.

Nothing in particular.
It is a virus-free drug because it has a low risk of allergy and is manufactured and managed in a drug management facility.

"Hair-growing hair cocktail" containing vitamin B necessary for hair renewal, buflomezil with vasodilatory activity, and the amino acid cysteine ​​that constitutes protein keratin of hair, and human fat Stem to further increase the amount of hair and to increase the hair growth effect We use two agents, "HARG cocktail" of Stem Cell extracted protein extracted from Cell.

The procedure is as follows.
The combination of Papuer method and Panage method.

The Papuer method is a method in which a therapeutic agent is injected between the epidermis and the dermis to spread the active ingredient.
The napage method is a method in which the active ingredient is spread throughout the subcutaneous tissue by injecting a therapeutic agent into the epidermis of the scalp.
For those with strong pain, it is possible to use a roller with a thin needle of 0.5 mm to 1 mm called a derma roller.
There are many men who feel pain, so many people take this method.
The Derma Roller is an efficient method that is relatively painless and effective.

Please wait at least one month.

There are individual differences, but there may be some redness and swelling.

Please refrain from perm and color for 1 week before and after treatment.
 In addition, please refrain from heavy drinking, sauna, and long bath on the day.

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