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About AGA

Male pattern baldness is
Early care is important.

AGA is an abbreviation for Androgenetic Alopecia, meaning “male pattern baldness”.
This is a condition where the hair that is common in adult men is thin. After puberty, the hairline on the forehead and the hair on the top of the head become thinner from one or both sides.

In general, genetics and the effects of male hormones are considered to be the main causes.
AGA is progressive, and if left unattended, the number of hairs continues to decrease and gradually fades. Therefore, early care is important for AGA.

AGA check

AGA genetic testing

Does juvenile alopecia progress?
Whether Propecia is effective
You can see by genetic testing!

Human genes are born and have information on the individual DNA inherited from their parents. Since this information does not change throughout the lifetime, it is a test that you only need to take once in a lifetime, regardless of age.
If you are worried about thinning hair and are concerned about the possibility of thinning in the future, we recommend that you take a genetic test.

AGA has a large genetic factor, and a high percentage of parents (especially males) develop from parents who have genes that tend to cause thinning of the family. By examining the gene, you can predict the likelihood of developing AGA. Genes cannot be changed for a lifetime, but knowing your constitution is very important to know genetic information for prevention and early measures.

However, it does not necessarily result in thinning hair, and thinning hair is also a factor of the environment (stress, dietary habits, lifestyle, etc.). Can be considered.

Contents of genetic testing

AGA genetic testingAmong genes, there is a gene related to hair loss called AR gene. The role of this AR gene is to catch male hormones that enter through capillaries.

It is said that the smaller the number of repeats of the base sequence of the AR gene (CAG repeat / GGC repeat), the higher the risk of developing AGA (male pattern baldness).

Risk of developing AGA (male pattern baldness)

AGA genetic testing is a test that can be taken once in a lifetime for genetic testing.
Also, because AGA is progressive, you need to know your medical condition early.
Even those who are not progressing with AGA can judge the degree of future hair loss,
We recommend that you take the inspection as soon as possible.


* Insurance medical treatment is not applicable.

AGA check inspection 20,000 yen(Tax not included)

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