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Spiritual therapy

Basic philosophy and policy

Religious elements, spiritual phenomena, fortune-telling, etc. are not related to occult spiritual therapy that is currently recognized by the world. (When expressed as spiritual, it tends to be considered spiritually and generally, but it is also translated into spirit.)

The spirit here means the spirit of the mind and spirit like letters, and the movement of the mind and spirit affects the body and means the various therapeutic approaches to the subconscious. Naturally, as a doctor, we take a negative position regarding spiritual events, but we recognize that there are areas that science cannot explain. For that reason, it is attracting public attention, and it takes a negative position regarding so-called spiritual therapy.

It is medically obvious that autonomic function, mind and body are related. If you consider the effect of stress on your body, a specific explanation can be given. How to quantitatively evaluate changes to the body. In this regard, the evaluation of autonomic nervous function is still a delayed field in Japan, and there are few papers compared to Western countries.

The quantitative evaluation of autonomic nervous function using the heart rate variability analysis system can be considered as an evaluation that has a mental influence on the body.

We are trying to apply this research to anti-aging and sports fields.

Reasons for various therapies

Purpose of research

One is for research purposes. There are subjective symptoms and objective findings in the evaluation and judgment of the therapeutic effects of various therapies, but therapists and doctors who perform the therapy always mention autonomic nerves.

However, it seemed almost unknown that autonomic nervous function can be quantitatively evaluated by the heart rate variability analysis system.

Improvement and improvement of autonomic nervous function promotes treatment for various diseases and creates an indirectly visible part of the spirit that connects the body and mind.

Quantitative evaluation and accurate understanding of autonomic nervous functions that have a major impact on almost all human functions such as immunity, stress, motor ability, circulation, and breathing are important for improving athlete's motor ability, healing, and anti-aging. It can be applied in a wide variety of ways, such as checking methods for improving the deterioration of

Therefore, evaluating the therapeutic effects of many therapies with the autonomic nervous function quantitative evaluation system not only leads to the evaluation of the therapy, but also the significance of autonomic function training that can be applied to anti-aging and sports increases and more scientific considerations are added. It becomes an index.

Another reason is that, in recent medical treatments, hospitality and healing are required for patients, and it is necessary to perform aesthetic treatments with more advanced knowledge, technology, and equipment.

Scientific considerations such as aromatherapy, phytotherapy, and hypnotherapy have become necessary in clinical practice.
Naturally, it is premised that medical institutions only carry out medical practice based on science, and it is important to examine the effects and authenticity of these therapies.

At present, all but massage and aromatherapy that have been confirmed to have therapeutic effects are considered for research purposes only, and are not recommended or recommended for medical treatment or treatment.

What is spirituality?

The word spiritual has become quite common, but most people must think of spiritual things.
TV programs are organized into spiritual and previous-generation topics and directions because spiritual topics can capture audience ratings. It ’s very disappointing.

First of all, there may be more important things before the existence of the spirit.
Self-proclaimed spirituals who assert that there is no verification, no proof and no basis, such as spirituality and bad events that occur from the previous life, can lead society to confusion and the wrong direction I want you to recognize the possible points.

First of all, it is important for us living in 3D to think in 3D and adapt in 3D.
However, there are countless phenomena, events, and experiences that I can't explain at present.
Of course, I am not a psychic or a psychologist. There is no spiritual experience at all.
If you don't have a religion, you are not dedicated to fortune-telling.
However, I have volunteered for healing and pre-life therapy.
Of course, healing has been based on medical diagnosis as an adjunct to medical practice, and past life therapy has tried not to depart from the scope of science, including confirmation of facts that can be demonstrated.

When you witness a mysterious phenomenon or an event that cannot be explained by current science, you can say that the true spiritual orientation is a cautious attitude that calmly considers how this phenomenon can be demonstrated and useful in three dimensions. We are.

A spiritual person who is a television? Will tell you.
Your previous life is a medieval aristocrat, samurai from the Edo period ...

However, no effort has been made to prove or seek historical evidence so far.
Why is it limited to personal consultation rather than social contribution, despite the fact that there are many places where people can contribute their abilities, such as elucidation of incidents and accidents, excavation of ruins, etc.?
Tell the information that it cannot be unilaterally proven.

Is this spiritual? Is not it.

Life and death events, incurable diseases, unreasonable obstacles, accidents.

There are many events in human life.
If we live in the 3rd dimension and seek salvation, it may be unsatisfactory in the 3rd dimension.

Me too. We always seek the possibility of more than three dimensions.

Seven years ago, my mother's words that I gave to me while I was suffering from disability and suffered from pancreatic cancer were deeply left.
I've lived hard without doing anything bad, but I have to be disabled and lose my eyesight.

What. why!

There is no answer.
The relationship from the previous life ...

A psychic told me this answer.

Mother has been born to become your mother by choosing hard and hard life to strengthen your mind and way of life.
I chose the doctor path because of my mother's disability, and now I am thinking of contributing to society outside my doctor.
The desire to somehow relieve your mother's regrets will lead to a more secure life.
Mother's soul never regrets. If you notice this.

I was saved by this word.

The scientist who is seeking proof may have come when he chooses the path to pursue the existence and significance of the soul.


It would be great if you could contribute to society and give energy, hope and healing to many people correctly.

I would like to help as long as my life lasts as a doctor.

ご 注意 く だ さ い.

The holistic medical care offered at this hospital is for research / volunteer purposes and is not performed at all for commercial purposes. Please note.

All holistic practice is based on EBM.
Hypnotherapy is limited to research purposes only, so no treatment is provided to the general public for medical purposes.
We have seminars by experienced therapists who are experienced in hyponotherapy theory and methods.
In addition, we are only conducting academic research on therapies introduced from regressive hypnosis to the past world, and we do not perform treatments for profit purposes like other institutions.
Our hospital strives not to deviate from the scientific field as a medical institution or research institution.
All medical practice is limited to medical approaches.

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