Reading Time: <1 minuteRecently, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare finally took the plunge and stated that HIFU treatments at beauty salons are illegal. There is a malicious beauty device seller who is still (as of July 8, 2024) openly promoting and selling HIFU beauty devices on their own website, which is a violation of the Medical Practitioners Act. This seller has also engaged in network marketing in the past. We will introduce illegal businesses so that no one becomes a victim. For salon owners, please read the following article released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare carefully before purchasing a HIFU device. Estheticians do not have medical knowledge. If such a person irradiates the skin with a high-energy device similar to medical equipment, it is a terrible act that can destroy not only the nerves but also the cornea and lens when irradiated to the eyeball. After many such problems occurred, legal regulations were finally imposed. HIFU treatment is a medical procedure and the equipment can be considered to be similar to medical equipment, and selling it to salons is an act of encouraging and encouraging illegal activities, so it is likely to be considered illegal. (I think it is completely illegal...) I hope that the police will also crack down on the fact that HIFU beauty equipment is still being sold by malicious businesses that prioritize profit. If you have a patient who has been victimized after receiving HIFU treatment at a salon, please contact us. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has now clarified the following: "Regardless of whether it is for medical purposes or not, the act of irradiating the human body with HIFU and causing thermal coagulation in cells is not permitted to be performed by anyone other than a doctor." Regardless of whether the equipment used is for medical use or not, the act of irradiating the human body with HIFU and causing thermal coagulation of cells (including not only complications such as burns, acute cataracts, and nerve damage, but also the "tightening of the face and body" and "improvement of wrinkles" that are the goals of HIFU treatment) (hereinafter referred to as this act) is a violation of Article 17 of the Medical Practitioners Act if it is carried out commercially by a person without a medical license. →If not performed by a doctor, it is an act that may cause harm to health and hygiene (Reference) Medical Practitioners Act, Article 17 No person other than a doctor may practice medicine. ▽ This action by a doctor must be carried out at a medical facility as stipulated in Article 1-2, Paragraph 2 of the Medical Care Act. (Reference) Medical Care Act (partially revised by the editorial staff of Gem Med) Article 1-2 Medical care should be based on the respect for life and the preservation of individual dignity, and should be provided based on a relationship of trust between the person receiving medical care and the doctor, dentist, pharmacist, nurse or other medical practitioner, and in accordance with the mental and physical condition of the person receiving medical care. The content of medical care should be of high quality and appropriate quality, including not only treatment but also preventive measures for disease and rehabilitation. 2 Medical care should be based on the efforts of the people themselves to maintain and improve their health, and should fully respect the wishes of the person receiving medical care.Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes for the elderly, nursing care hospitals, pharmacies that dispense medicines, and other facilities that provide medical care (hereinafter referred to as medical care facilities)Medical care must be provided efficiently in the recipient's home (home or other place specified by a Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare ordinance) according to the functions of the medical care facility, while maintaining organic coordination with welfare services and other related services. Furthermore, the document calls on prefectures, etc., which are responsible for the regional medical care system, to: 239. When they receive information about violations, investigate the situation and provide necessary guidance, such as a recommendation to immediately stop the behavior; XNUMX. In severe cases, such as when no improvement is seen despite guidance, to work appropriately with the police, keeping in mind the filing of charges under Article XNUMX of the Code of Criminal Procedure.