Reading Time: <1 minuteNational Life CenterI heard that there have been many complaints about HIFU treatment to ... I have been using HIFU treatment for many years and have never had any trouble. It seems that HIFU treatment has become widespread in recent years, and there are facilities where it is also performed at beauty salons, but strictly speaking, isn't it an illegal act? HIFU is a highly effective, safe and reliable treatment for wrinkles and tarmi.It is also true that some medical institutions do not treat HIFU at all, but leave it to the nurses.Not only is it ineffective, but there are also major trouble cases. Who is the one who does the HIFU equipment instead of the bad one?Are you a person with specialized knowledge and skills?Is important, and it makes me very sad for specialists who are seriously practicing medical treatment when it is reported that it is replaced by a device problem.I am even more surprised that there is a beauty salon that is widely advertised under the name HIFU.Only doctors can perform medical treatment.Estheticians have neither medical knowledge nor medical skills.Gray zone?There is also a problem with the current situation that is left unchecked.I hope that we are now in an era where correct medical care is being reviewed, including reports of criminal accusations caused by burns caused by a nurse's treatment the other day.For cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, armpit treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, petite plastic surgery, hokuro removal, scar treatment, wrinkle, and sagging treatment in Nagoya, please contact Sakae Clinic.