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Beautiful skin toning

What is beautiful skin toning?

Treatment for melasma, texture, and kusumi

The "WON-COSJET TR" introduced at this hospital has been highly evaluated overseas and has solved the shortcomings of laser irradiation systems.

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Treatment timeAbout 10 minutes
Number of treatmentsTreatment is given 2 to 4 times every 6 to 10 weeks.
Side effectsReport does not.

Recommended treatment

  • For those who want to make melasma or spots thinner
  • Those who want to improve skin texture
  • Those who want to give skin firmness
  • Those who want to tone up their skin
  • If you are worried about hair follicles
  • Those who have improved makeup

Treatment of beautiful skin toning

In our hospital, laser peeling is performed at the same time. Recovers epidermis and dermis with two lasers.

Until now, laser treatment has been contraindicated for melasma, but beautiful skin toning has attracted attention as a revolutionary treatment for melasma. Also, beautiful skin toning is effective for skin spots, hair follicle opening, dark spots, etc. in addition to melasma, and many people realize that their skin becomes smooth after treatment.

  • 1
    Whitening, peeling laser
  • 2
    Collagen regeneration laser

Also on the bruise that gave up

BruiseHas long been required for resection treatments, such as cutting and sewing the skin, until healing, which is a burdensome treatment both mentally and physically. But,Q-switched YAG laserThis has enabled laser to treat bruises, which had been given up without appropriate treatment until now, in a relatively short time.

Cases such as Ota nevus and dermal melanocytosis that have been refractory due to the presence of pigments in the dermis can now be treated in a form close to no downtime.

Because there is little pain,
No need for anesthesia

The pain when irradiating the laser is the degree to which the rubber band has been repelled, so it does not require anesthesia. For those who are sensitive to pain, anesthesia with a topical medicine is also available. (There are individual differences in pain)

Around the treatment department
Minimize tissue damage

Because it uses a Q-switched YAG laser that oscillates the laser in an extremely short time of “10 billions of seconds”, it is a “patient-friendly treatment” that minimizes damage to normal skin tissue around the affected area. . There is almost no worry of bleeding or scarring during treatment. After the treatment, some redness will remain, but it will eventually become a thin scab and will peel off naturally after 1 to 2 weeks.

Care after irradiation is very important, so we provide appropriate guidance not only for treatment but also for care.

Skin toning case

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Cost: 3 times 120,000 yen (132,000 Yen
Risks and side effects: temporary appearance of redness

Cost: 6 times 216,000 yen (23,7600 Yen
Risks and side effects:Appearance of temporary redness


Partial25,000 Yen(27,500 yen)
Whole face 1 times40,000 Yen(44,000 yen)
Whole face 6 times course216,000 Yen(237,600 yen)
Whole face 10 times course320,000 Yen(352,000 yen)

* Treatment is free medical care (not covered by insurance).

Flow of treatment

  • 1
    Reservation by phone
    We accept reservations by phone.
  • 2
    Explanation of treatment from counselor
    In a private room, a professional counselor will listen to your request in detail, explain the treatment method, the contents of the treatment, and give a simulation after the treatment.
  • 3
    Examination and counseling of specialists
    Specialist's director SuetakeDetailsWe will consult you and present you with a picture of your case to see your concerns and wishes, and will provide you with easy-to-understand counseling using slides.
  • 4
    Procedure application procedure
    If you are satisfied with the application form and the contents of the procedure, you will be asked to sign a consent form.
  • 5
    Payment of treatment fee
    Apply ointment and cool to prevent redness and folliculitis.
  • 6
    Treatment / treatment
    Depending on the type of treatment, treatment may be completed in 1 times, or it may be necessary to visit the hospital several times. The director will explain in detail.
  • 7
    After treatment ・
    You can come home immediately after the treatment is over. We have a dedicated powder room so you can come home after you have made up your makeup. After treatment, there is almost no swelling or redness, so you can apply makeup.
  • 7
    Aftercare charges are included in the treatment fee. If you have any concerns after a while, please feel free to contact us via toll-free number or email counseling.


Skin toning is a treatment that minimizes damage to normal skin tissue around the affected area by using a Q-switched YAG laser that oscillates the laser in a very short time.
There are several types of spots, but skin toning is more effective for melasma.
In addition, it has the effect of improving skin texture and removing skin darkening, peeling and shrinking hair follicles.

Until now, laser spots were contraindicated for melasma, but only for beautiful skin toning, which has attracted much attention as a revolutionary treatment for melasma.

There is a slight pain as if the surface is repelled with a rubber band, but since the treatment is performed while cooling the skin with -20 cooling (Care cis), there is almost no pain.

While cooling, the laser is irradiated around the cheek, jaw, forehead, and nose.

Melasma 6-10 times. Others have an effect even once, but we recommend you to use 1 to 6 times as more than one can realize the effect. It is more effective to do it once every two to four weeks.

You can do it from the day. The peeling effect makes your skin smooth, so you can feel the beauty of makeup.

Although it varies from person to person, it may be slightly red or partly swollen after the treatment. In that case, we will apply an ointment.

Other than the face can be irradiated.
Irradiation is also recommended for grooming the bridal when raising the hair such as nape and back, or wearing clothes around the neck or back.

You can feel the peeling effect to remove the dead skin cells. Melasma takes a long time to destroy the pigment, so you will notice that it has become thinner in 1-2 months.


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