Rabian BB laser


What is Rabien

For smooth skin texture and smooth skin

LABIAN is a popular skin treatment system in Korea, a beauty powerhouse.

Ravian restores skin at a wavelength in the infrared region of 1927nm.

You can expect a total beautiful skin effect. In particular, you can immediately feel that the skin changes smoothly as if you applied BB cream.

Wavelength that reacts well to moisture

  • Moisture absorption about 10 times higher than Er: Glass laser
  • High affinity with moisture, used for tissue destruction and transpiration
  • Absorbs laser energy and raises temperature rapidly. Removal of melanin pigment in basal layer by transpiration of skin moisture
  • After heat damage occurs, the minute scab peels off. At the same time, melanin pigment removal from the epidermis and brightening effect

For those who have such problems

  • If you are worried about dark skin or oily skin
  • Those who are worried about scars
  • Those who are worried about skin irregularities and craters
  • Those who have noticeable fine lines
  • Those who are worried about dull skin
  • Those who want to treat beautiful skin

Labian Features

The response to moisture is intermediate to existing lasers, and the stratum corneum is preserved. The depth of penetration can be ablation / non-ablation according to the energy amount of 0.15-0.3mm.

Removal of epidermal pigment and restoration of dermis

Principle of rabian treatment 1

1) Fractional laser irradiation. The stratum corneum preserves and transmits thermal energy to the upper part of the epidermis and dermis.

Principle of rabian treatment 2

2) The melanocytes in the basal layer are destroyed by the transpiration of skin moisture,Recovery from the mechanism of wound healing.

Principle of rabian treatment 3

3) Form fine crusts from 2 to 3 days,From the 3 to 7 days, the fine scab falls off along with the keratin → Brightening effect along with the treatment of pigmented lesions

Principle of rabian treatment 4

XNUMX) Recovers the skin, improves darkness / unevenness, removes fine lines, improves skin elasticity and skin texture.

Skin care mode treatment

Improves darkening and uneven skin, improves dullness,
Beauty skin treatment such as texture improvement

  • You can feel skin changes even once.
  • Anesthesia is not required and cooling can be completed in about 5 minutes.
  • A slight redness appears only on the day. A tingling sensation appears to have been tanned for only two hours.
  • No scabs are seen.
  • Please refrain from makeup only on the day. A light face wash is OK.

Skin recovery mode treatment

Irregularities and scars on the skin
To improve noticeable darkening

  • Anesthesia to apply is necessary (about XNUMX minutes), treatment time is about XNUMX minutes
  • A little redness appears for a few days.
  • Please refrain from makeup only on the day. From the next day you can make up as usual.
  • A light face wash is OK.
  • A tingling sensation appears to have been tanned for only two hours.
  • Scabs may appear for up to three days.

Case photo

Before treatment
After treatment
Acne scar case photo

Irregularities / pigmentation of the skin-1 days after the first operation (skin recovery mode)Cost: 89,800 yen (excluding tax)
Risks and side effects: temporary redness, swelling, and crusting after irradiation

Before treatment
After treatment

Improvement of hair pore enlargement / pigmentation-1 days after one operation (skin recovery mode) Cost: 7 yen (excluding tax)
Risks and side effects: temporary redness, swelling, and crusting after irradiation

Before treatment
Wrinkle case photo
After treatment

Wrinkle-1 days after the first operation (skin recovery mode)Cost: 89,800 yen (excluding tax)
Risks and side effects: temporary redness, swelling, and crusting after irradiation


Beautiful skin mode once 39,800 yen(Tax not included)
6 beautiful skin modes 214,920 yen(Tax not included)
Beautiful skin mode 0 times 318,400 yen(Tax not included)
One skin recovery mode 89,800 yen(Tax not included)
Skin recovery mode 6 times 484,920 yen(Tax not included)
Skin recovery mode 0 times 718,400 yen(Tax not included)

* Treatment is free medical care (not covered by insurance).
* Skin recovery mode includes anesthesia cost + growth factor introduction cost.


I feel a little pain depending on the treatment. In skin recovery mode treatment, anesthesia cream is applied before surgery to reduce pain.

The beautiful skin mode treatment is about 5 minutes, and the skin recovery mode treatment is about 30 minutes before anesthesia and about 10 minutes for the entire face. (The anesthetic is not required for the beautiful skin mode treatment.)

The beauty skin mode treatment is effective from the next day, and no scabs or crusts are seen. Skin recovery mode creates new, slick skin the next day, usually within 5 days of bulking the skin.

The treatment cycle should be at least about two weeks apart for the beautiful skin mode. Skin recovery mode requires an interval of about 2 weeks. Ravian can be expected to be effective with a single treatment, with less downtime than conventional fractional, and can be expected to last longer.

Mild redness and swelling may occur in the treated area. After care such as cooling, apply a moisturizing cream, skin recovery cream, etc.

Use sun cream for 1 weeks to protect your skin from UV rays.

In skin recovery mode, the fine scab may come off, but do not. Only on the day, you can refrain from makeup and it is possible from the next day.


Introduction of the clinic

In-hospital introduction

In-hospital photo

Sakae Clinic Photo

Medical doctor

Director and Medical Doctor Nobuhiro Suetake

  • 1987 Graduated from National Gifu University School of Medicine
  • 1987 Entered the First Surgery Department, National Gifu University Hospital
  • In 1991, trained in general cosmetic surgery under the guidance of the director of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and Dr. Cai.
  • 1993 Cosmetic surgeon guidance and chief doctor at major cosmetic surgery clinics in major cities nationwide
  • 1996 Year Sakae Clinic opened
  • 2011 Graduated from Juntendo University School of Medicine
  • 2012 Part-time lecturer at Juntendo University School of Medicine


Insurance medical institution

Cosmetic surgery / dermatology / plastic surgery in Nagoya

Sakae Clinic

Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 3-5-21
Nishiki HOTEI Building 2F
Closed day: Wednesday, irregular holidays
Medical treatment: Complete reservation system
10: 00: 19: 00

1 minute walk from Hisaya-Odori Station on Subway Sakuradori Line / Meijo Line
4-minute walk from Sakae Station on the Higashiyama Line