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The hay fever treatment at this hospital is eligible for medical expenses.

What is hay fever?

Take measures early
Comfortable season

It is a disease that causes allergic symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose due to pollen of plants such as cedar and cypress. It is also called seasonal allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is classified into 2 types depending on the type of causative agent (allergen).

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Treatment of hay fever

Treatment without side effects

NeuronoxSo farHay fever treatmentAlthough it was done with oral medicine and nasal drops, it was not effective enough to be completely eliminated.

On the other hand, with botulinum toxin instillation treatment, you can feel improvement in your itchy eyes with an effective rate of about 90%.Botulinum toxinUntil it permeates, just maintain the posture on the back for about 10 after dropping, and the effect will appear from the next day.
The effect lasts around 2 weeks, but because it is immediate, it is the “best treatment” when there are social events such as important meetings, weddings, parties, and entrance exams the next day.

Botulinum toxin
Why it works for hay fever

"Reducing secretions"
The action

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Botulinum toxin is not only a paralyzing effect on muscle movement but also an action to stop pain, and has already been approved as a treatment for migraine in the UK and the United States. We can expect therapeutic effects for stiff shoulders and low back pain.
It is also effective against hyperhidrosis of hands, feet and armpits.

Focusing on this action of "suppressing secretions", research into the effectiveness of a runny nose was conducted.

The runny nose secretion involves the parasympathetic nerve. When pollen or house dust adheres to the mucous membrane of the nose, the parasympathetic nerve is stimulated and a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine is secreted from the end of the nerve.

Acetylcholine plays an important role in delivering brain commands to the target tissue, but excessive secretion in the nasal mucosa can cause unpleasant symptoms such as runny nose and sneezing.

Botulinum toxinHas the ability to block the action of acetylcholine at the nerve endings,
Eliminates nasal inflammation such as sneezing and runny nose.


The results of the administration results exceeding 100 times and their effectiveness were first published as medical papers in 2010 in Japan.
According to the paper, it was reported that 93% was effective in reducing nasal secretion, and at the same time, itchy eyes disappeared significantly or completely.
* Teramoto Neurology Clinic Director Jun Teramoto

Of botulinum toxin
安全 性

Speaking of botulinum toxin, botulinum toxin, eh? Is it poison? Some people are worried,
It is a safe and secure drug that has received US FDA approval for safety and efficacy.
A huge number already in the countryTreatment of wrinkles and hyperhidrosisIt is also used for.

Duration of effect

2-3 weeksAlthough it is slightly shorter, it is the best treatment when there are social events such as important meetings, parties, weddings, and entrance exams.

Shortly after treatment, nasal discharge decreases and most of itchy eyes also become lighter.
This treatment method is characterized by the immediate effect that can be obtained within a day with a really refreshing effect.


The hay fever treatment at this hospital is eligible for medical expenses.

初回 15,000 yen(Tax not included)
After 2 12,000 yen(Tax not included)

* Transportation expenses (by public transportation) and treatment expenses are fully deducted from medical expenses.

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