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Wrinkle removal injection

Wrinkle treatment with easy injection

Treatment time about 5 minutes
30,000 yen (excluding tax) ~

What is wrinkle removal injection?

Effective for wrinkles created by facial expressions


Wrinkle-removing injection has the effect of weakening muscle movement,It is effective for wrinkles (facial wrinkles) created by facial expressions.It has been used for the treatment of eyelids and facial spasms in the field of ophthalmology and neurology. Its effectiveness and safety have been proven by the National Institutes of Health in the US and are widely used around the world.

Treatment siteEye corners, eyebrows, forehead, jaws
Treatment timeAbout 5 minutes
Therapeutic effect4 months to 6 months
Treatment manifestation2-7 days
Side effectsPossibility of partial internal bleeding

Sites suitable for treatment

When i laughedWrinkles around the eyes, When I was frowningWrinkles,Deep side wrinkles on foreheadBy injecting into the part that is worrisome, etc., it produces the effect of “no wrinkles”. There are individual differences in the duration of the effect on wrinkles, but wrinkle improvement is usually possible for about 4 to 6 months with a single injection. If you stop the injection, you can restore it, and if you want to keep the wrinkles out of sight, it is recommended that you receive several consecutive treatments.
amountMakes forehead wrinkles harder
Between the eyebrowsMakes vertical lines between the eyebrows more difficult
Around the eyes
Makes the wrinkles of the corners of the eyes more difficult to laugh
The side of the noseEliminate wrinkles on your nose when you laugh
Chin wrinklesEliminate wrinkles like plum blossom seeds on your chin
OralMakes vertical lines on the mouth more difficult.

Effect of wrinkle removal injection

Eye wrinkles

Eye wrinkles

Wrinkles between eyebrows


Forehead wrinkles


Forehead wrinkles


Risk, side effects, complications

Since botulinum toxin is injected, internal hemorrhage occurs when it hits the capillaries of the subcutaneous tissue with a needle.
The risk of internal hemorrhage can be greatly reduced by using an ultra-fine needle to prevent internal bleeding and pressing immediately after injection while cooling strongly.

In the unlikely event that internal bleeding occurs, it will disappear in about 1 weeks, so if you can cover it with a concealer, there will be no problem in appearance.

In particular, the product made in China is not stable in the titer, and it is not possible to deny the possibility that it is contaminated with impurities.

Wrinkle removal is unlikely to affect the entire body, but cannot be used if you are pregnant, are undergoing treatment for muscle atrophy, or malignant tumors.
Basically, the therapeutic effect of botulinum toxin disappears within half a year, so there are no long-term complications.


Eye corner 50,000 yen(Tax not included)
Between the eyebrows 30,000 yen(Tax not included)
amount 50,000 yen(Tax not included)
Chin 60,000 yen(Tax not included)
The entire
(Forehead, corner of eye, between eyebrows)
100,000 yen(Tax not included)

Flow of treatment

Reservation by phone

We accept reservations by phone.

Explanation of treatment from counselor

Upon request from a specialized counselor in a private room, we will explain the treatment method, details of the treatment, and post-treatment simulation.

Examination and counseling of specialists

The specialist's director, Suetake, will examine the patient and present a case photo to help you understand your concerns and requests.

Procedure application procedure

If you are satisfied with the application form and the contents of the procedure, you will be asked to sign a consent form.

Payment of treatment fee

We accept debit cards and various credit cards. Medical loans are not handled by our hospital due to high interest rates. Payment in installments (no interest) is available upon request.

Treatment / treatment

The director is always in charge of the treatment. The actual treatment time is about 5 minutes for the entire face. To reduce pain, cool the injection site with a -20 ° C cooling system and apply pressure to prevent internal bleeding. We guarantee the effect. In the unlikely event that wrinkle improvement is considered insufficient, re-treatment is free.

After treatment / treatment

You can return home immediately after the treatment. After treatment, there is almost no swelling or redness, so you can make up immediately after treatment.


Aftercare charges are included in the treatment fee. If you have any concerns after a while, please feel free to contact us via toll-free number or email counseling.

Provide director's books and treatment materials

We provide the director's books and surgical materials to all patients scheduled for treatment.


You can hit the forehead, the corners of the eyes, between the eyebrows, on the lips, and on the areas where the jaw and facial expression are wrinkled.

Since it acts to stop the movement of facial muscles that are the source of wrinkles, “laughing wrinkles” that can be done when laughing, “wrinkles between eyebrows” that can be created when wrinkles are placed between the eyebrows, and lips that can be produced when eating food It is effective for "vertical wrinkles".

Although there are individual differences, the effect appears in one week after three days, and the effect lasts for about 4 to 6 months.

The director who served as the director of the 88 Society of Cosmetic Surgery performs the treatment, and because of the use of allergan preparations, we are able to provide effective treatment.
One place is about one minute. If there are three places between the forehead, the corners of the eyes, and the eyebrows, it takes 2-3 minutes.
You can operate with your makeup on, and you can have your makeup done immediately after the procedure.
We will do it with a very fine needle of the 34 gauge, so that it will not hurt-you can rest assured that it will be cooled with a care system that can be cooled at 20 degrees.
In this hospital, we use a very fine needle of 34 gauge and we will stop the blood tightly after the operation so that there is no internal bleeding, so there is no worry. However, there are people who rarely have internal bleeding. Please rest assured that you can hide it with makeup.

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