Acne and acne scar treatment

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The treatment of acne and acne scars at this hospital is a deduction for medical expenses.

What is acne?

Acne vulgaris
It is a skin disease.

The condition called acne is a skin condition called acne vulgaris.
Acne is a condition in which the hair follicle (the bag-like part that wraps the hair) and the sebaceous glands are inflamed.

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Acne is
How can I do that?

Causes of acne

One kind of skin acne bacteria called acne grows excessively in sebum, and when trying to sterilize this acne, white blood cells gather, release active oxygen and sprinkle on acne, causing inflammation.
In other words, the hair follicles are oxidized by the active oxygen released by white blood cells.

This is a so-called rusted skin, often from red to brown, i.e., post-inflammation pigmentation that often remains as an acne scar.

Acne types

Acne is roughly classified into red, white and black 3 colors.

  • Red acne
    This is a pimple with red pores inside the pores. It is important to avoid touching the affected area as irritation worsens. It will definitely worsen if you wear a mask or hit your hair.

  • White acne
    This is a state of sebum accumulation without inflammation. Acne with skin closed and white with pores closed by square plugs.

  • Black acne
    Like white acne, there is no inflammation and sebum has accumulated. Acne that clogged sebum is exposed to air because pores are open, and it looks black when oxidized. Acne that looks black with clogged plugs is also called black acne.

Can I crush it?

It is painful and reddish when lightly pressed around. This is the initial state of red acne. Never try to crush it with redness. When the red state has passed for several days, white objects will be seen through the surface. This is pus. This pus is a remnant where white blood cells have finished fighting bacteria. The fact that pus has accumulated has been said that the inflammation has started to subside, and at this time it may be crushed, but I do not recommend it.

If you crush it strongly and spread the inflammation to the surroundings, it may cause scouring or acne to severe folliculitis.Basically, it is recommended to take antibiotics or apply external medicines without crushing acne.

Acne treatment with insurance

In general, it seems that many people stop treatment immediately if they do not get better at dermatology, but acne treatment takes time, so please do your best for at least 3 months.

In this hospital, we are treating the latest acne and acne scars that are currently conceivable, and are effective.

There are more clinical cases than dermatology at university hospitals, and new drugs and treatments, including vitamin C derivatives (doctor's cosmetics), have been incorporated.Please consult anything about acne or acne scars.

Internal medicine
(Internal medicine)
・ Vitamin B6 → Suppression of sebum
(1) Tetracycline → Sterilize bacteria
(2) New macrolide → Sterilize bacteria
Topical medicine ・ Bepiogel (gel ointment)
Antibacterial cream (Aquatim cream) → Kills acne
-Anti-inflammatory cream (Staderum cream) → Reduce acne redness
・ Sulfur full lotion → Remove clogging of pores

Unaccountable acne treatment

Treatment that recognizes the effect

Photo RF

Inhibits sebaceous glands with light and high frequency, treats acne in a short time

Fractional laser

Effective for acne scars, pore opening and tightening

Rabian BB laser

Renew skin and improve pore opening


Treat acne in the short term with little downtime

PRP therapy

Regenerative medicine to improve acne scars using platelets


Internal medicine, topical medicine, home care by doctors cosmetics, photoRFThere is.

Internal medicines and external medicines are covered by insurance as they are prescribed in general dermatology.
If you are concerned about redness, or if you want to care at home, we recommend Doctor's Cosmetics.
Photo RF is effective not only for acne, but also for freckles and pores.

Hyaluronic acid injection is recommended for relatively large acne scars like craters.
You can feel the effect immediately,3In months1At intervals of degrees3If it is injected once, the effect lasts 1-2 years.
A treatment that replaces the skin called a fractional laser is effective for acne scars.
Shrink the acne scars.
Depending on the condition, you will need to pass 6-10 times at least every 2-4 weeks.
Vitamin C derivative lotion is effective for drawing redness.
Using it as a lotion every day removes rust in the skin.
It will make your skin look reddish and difficult to get acne.

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