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Hanshin Tigers interviewed for the resurrection of the sun pitcher!

Yesterday, I received medical training guidance coverage at the clinic for the resurrection of the sun pitcher that Asahi Broadcasting is pursuing. Recovered from serious injury before entering 1 army rotation this season. I think there are many fans who pray for the miracle revival. Document is Kansai Loca…

Sports column

Sakae Clinic Track Club Players greatly improved!

Sakae Clinic Track Club players have been greatly increased! One of them, Takehiro Tatematsu, visited the clinic. 2003 60M daytime indoor competition championship, 7th place in the Japanese Championship, time is quite expectable with a tailwind reference 10'23…

Sports column

Racer Tsugio Matsuda visits

Formula Nippon JGTC racer Tsuguo Matsuda visited the clinic to report on the results of the opening race of the Super GT held the other day and to coordinate for Formula Nippon starting tomorrow. The result of the Super GT Opener is 5th place…

Sports column

Birthday party for Director Hirano

I attended today because the birthday party of Director Hirano of Pacific Sports Club was held in Nagoya. Actors Kuroda Arthur and Shane Kosugi also rushed. We were excited together. Kuroda Arthur belongs to From First, the other day major de…

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TV Asahi interview

The other day, I was interviewed by TV Asahi's “Comfortable Zubari” (Kanto Local Information Program). The contents are centered on the latest equipment “Gentle Waves (LED)”. “Gentle Waves (LED)” is thin in just 35 seconds…

Sports column

Final adjustment to GT Championship

Tsujio Matsuda visited for the final adjustment for the coming 27th GT Championship. He is expected to play an active role in Formula Japan, and is a racing driver who has received a lot of attention this season. Before the race, secret weapons to improve physical ability will be introduced.

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Taiyo and Mr. Matsumura

Final adjustment before opening. The sun pitcher vowed to be active this season at the clinic. Mr. Matsumura of the Sports Care Institute also helped with the instruction to the sun pitcher. The photochemical supporter developed by Mr. Matsumura is also used by Satoru Terao and Koji Murofushi. To the sun pitcher…

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Tigers Shinjiro Hatakeyama first open game home run

Open match with ORIX Hanshin Tigers Kashiyama player, 3 hits, 2 hits. First homer. You can't lose to your rival Spencer. I am 36 years old this year, but I want you to aim for the title. Mr. Hatakeyama looks, personality, physical ability…

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Nagoya Auto Trend Talk Show by Koga Sasa

I went to Nagoya Autotrend held at Port Messe. Satoshi Koga had a talk show and presentation at the sponsor's GOOD YEAR booth before participating in the race in the United States. It ’s so exciting that I ca n’t move ...

Sports column

American Power coverage

Today, I was interviewed by the editor-in-chief of American Power magazine for NASCAR racing driver Takuma Koga's science training. We follow the trend of Koga who is aiming for the top of the world with Sakae Clinic's physical ability improvement program…