A day in Tokyo

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In the morning I went to the Graduate School Support Division to receive my degree.
I was unable to attend the degree award ceremony, so today I received a degree as a proof of my year's graduate school completion.

For the rest of my life Professor Hiroyuki KobayashiI was able to obtain a degree when I was 49 years old.

Twenty-five years ago, I was planning to enter a graduate school after passing the graduate examination at my medical school, Gifu University School of Medicine.

Even after graduating from medical school for six years, graduate students are working 24/7, harsh research life, payment of tuition fees ...
Economically, this was not very possible for medical students.

Twenty-five years ago, I entered my primary school at the first surgery, but I worked without a day off and had almost no sleep.

It was at that time that I was wondering if I could get a doctor of medicine if I wasn't financially blessed.

Today, we visited the clinic of Aoi Nakano, a regular performer at 22:00 of the witches, and we had lunch together.
We had a sophisticated and luxurious clinic and had lunch at Ginza.
There are many things in common when you run a clinic.