Hiromasa Ohashi, professional boxing champion

The champion also participates

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Hiromasa Ohashi, professional boxing champion

6 Mon 16 Sunday Thursday will be held at this clinic studio
Private Training Seminar by Ken Nakata Trainer

Hiromasa Ohashi, the only professional boxing champion in the Chubu area, also participated.
A world ranker in the Tokai region that has won the Toyo Pacific Champion for the first time in the Chubu region.
You can experience the ultimate training of Ken Nakata, who trained the world champions, including Nobuo Meijo and Masamori Tokuyama.

The training required to aim at the top of the world can actually be remodeled in a short period of time by incorporating even the general public.

A large training machine is not required.
It ’s important to build up simple training everywhere.
Nakata Ken Trainer, who is already over 40 years old, is also famous for having much higher physical ability than the world's top athletes.
The opportunity to see the sliding exercise he has developed is a valuable opportunity.