Watch out for pressure training for dieting purposes!

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Pressurization training ... excessive advertising is particularly noticeable recently.

Diet and skin become beautiful ... It seems that a self-proclaimed sports trainer who doesn't understand athletic physiology at all is installed. There was a consultation today that we continue to have pressurization training and we are having difficulty gaining weight.
It was a patient whose stress was increased by stress training and the sympathetic nerve was overdominated and the parasympathetic nerve function was suppressed.

If parasympathetic nerves are suppressed, the appetite increases to balance the autonomic nerves, and eating activity increases, which has an adverse effect on the diet.

The patient immediately ceased pressure training.

Pressurization training is all effective for dieting.
It's a ridiculous ugly phrase.
This is not necessarily the case when considering autonomic nervous function.

Sudden pressurization trains overstimulate the sympathetic nerve, but rather adversely affect the diet.
A facility that does not understand the autonomic nerves and recommends pressurized training without understanding this mechanism is a problem.
In order to diet, it is necessary to accurately grasp the autonomic nervous function status of the client.

We expect to show excellent power such as rehabilitation as a new method of training, but be careful with pressure training that prioritizes commercial purposes.

Recently, there seems to be a facility where doctors who have no training theory or experience as trainers have been trained as athletes and diets to act as trainees under pressure training specialists.

In our sports medicine research team at Juntendo University School of Medicine, all trainers believe that pressure training should be done carefully.
At least none of the top athletes we will teach will employ pressure training.
What do athletes do? We believe that pressure training has a big blind spot.

I hope that overexpected expectations in the private sector will not interfere with the intention of pressurized training, which may develop as one of the great training theories.

Also, I don't think there is any credible evidence that a skin dermatologist can clearly rejuvenate skin with pressure training.