Concert that invited X JAPAN Toshi

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2007 year 5 month 8 day.

X JAPAN Lead Vocal Mr. Toshi was invited to hold a private concert of the name of only 40 with a Lexus showroom.
Mr. Toshi, who was attracting attention in the self-development seminar problem, sang a wonderful healing song.

Already at this time, underwater movement toward the resurgence of X JAPAN was progressing, and I was also helping with physical remodeling as his personal trainer.

This is a private concert scene that Toshi gave permission to record and release.

I was able to listen to his singing voice many times in front of me and felt the power of a real top artist.

When I met for the first time I sing hard with my guitar.

I am not interested in rock. When I was active in X JAPAN, I don't understand his current song well.

I would love to hear this song on the earphones.