Anti-aging treatment supports professional baseball players

Anti-aging treatment supports professional baseball players.

Gastrocnemius partial rupture About 10 days after injury
Treatment is progressing smoothly.
Although it has been said that the treatment of flesh is in principle only resting, it has recently been in the direction of training early.
2003 year Chunichi Dragons Ito Chief Trainer received a request for training and training for pain and muscle atrophy, movement limitation after leaving Kuji infielder.
It seems that Kuji infielder was resting without any treatment at the direction of the orthopedic doctor in charge for 6 months due to severe injuries of the gastrocnemius and external oblique muscles.
Even though I was a professional baseball player, I was resting for 6 months and my surrounding muscles were contracted, and the torn area became stiff and stiff.

The doctor in charge tells Kuji that rest is the first ...

If you are left alone, you just wait for retirement.
We decided to discuss with each other that we would like to do some kind of treatment for returning to active duty.

Even after 6 months, pain does not go away and there are restrictions on movement, and it is impossible to drive for a long time. There was no placenta therapy.
of course,Energy treatmentAnd hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

At that time, I think it was the best and latest treatment possible in Japan.

As a result, after several weeks of treatment, pain and exercise restrictions disappeared, and the patient recovered until training was normal.

The Chunichi Dragons has become a free contract, but the Hanshin Tigers Hoshino is awarded to the concerned parties directly by giving them information on how to return to active duty with a smooth recovery.

2004 Year The Hanshin Tigers contributed to the 18 championship for the first time.
At the time of 9, Kuji's phrase played an active role in 66 games as a trump card for generations.

I don't think there are many players who are left behind and forced to retire.
A firm care and treatment is desired with a focus on the treatment of common injuries.

Today, we strengthened the inner muscle with the power plate, improved blood flow around the injured site, and treated for stiffening.

I started jogging today with the feeling that I wanted to pitch the precious left power to compete for the championship.

Anti-aging treatment supports professional baseball players