Reconstructing Japan with motor sports

Up until now, I was a great member of F1 writer who was originally from Nagoya.
Ms. Ms. Tamaki, who is always working with the company leader as the closest woman to F1, is a wonderful presence in the motor sports world.
It ’s a great connection with Schumacher and Vettel.
I learned a lot about the motorsports world. At the 2 & 4 held at Suzuka Circuit the other day, I was invited to a VIP treatment with my friend's doctor with the invitation to invite the organizer to the suite.
The JSB1000 and Formula Nippon races were held at a special lunch in a special room.
Motorsport is a place where you can see the culture of technology in the Japanese automobile industry.
And the machine is really cool.

Kou Akiyoshi!

I am confident that the Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race will be the winner of the reconstruction support pair with Shinichi Ito.

On the day of the race, we promise full support and care.
Please support Japan's reconstruction with motor sports!