F1 Racing Driver / Trainer

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Today I am a former physical trainer at the Sports Department,Top Athlete Co., Ltd. Meeting with my trainer, Sadatoshi Kawai.

He is also active as an exclusive trainer for the wealthy and has a busy time every day.

As a trainer of former F1 racing driver Kazutaka Nakajima, he was also the Tokai region number one trainer.

Like athletes, there is no guarantee, and if the contract with a contract professional expires, it is an occupation that will be all zero.

You really will be joining the exclusive contract for a number of athletes it is impossible to teach in a personal all at once.
However, the contract is not long term.
Most are annual contracts or spots.

However, if the contractor is a top athlete, the binding time will be longer and other duties will be almost impossible.

Trainers who perform their duties while maintaining their physical bodies in a harsh world are truly top athletes.

Top Athlete Co., Ltd.All trainers, with no exceptions, have the physical ability to train more than athletes.

The real work behind the athletes is rarely known, but it's harsh.
I would be honored if I could work with them in the future.

The impact of this earthquake will have a major impact on the sports world.
Although the environment will become increasingly severe, I think that it is nothing at all considering the hardships and traps of the people affected by the disaster.

Reconstruct Japan with sports!
I'm honored to be able to help you with your little power.