Nakata Ken Trainer

Seminar by Akira Ishikawa, Ken Nakata trainer

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Today, a private training seminar was held by Ken Nakata, a famous trainer in Japan at the clinic studio.

Nakata Ken Trainer

Pro golfers, professional boxing oriental champions, ballerinas, personal trainers, high school track and field club directors, major leaguers, personal trainers, top athlete trainers ... many people participated.

Many people participate

Ishikawa also taught the trunk training that I was doing, so I had a little experience.
This is an annual athlete crying training done at Guam training camp.

Teaching trunk training

Although it is a training that does not use special equipment, Nakata Trainer sharply points out the athlete's week points and habits at the first action. I immediately found out what was weak.

As expected ...

Participants applaud the sliding exercises

I was able to come to Nagoya through HoriPro as a talent, interviewing many media and recording TV.
I learned a lot with the Nakata trainer for 15 years.

Currently, there is a concern that a pressurized trainer who has little knowledge of exercise physiology will be able to train with athletes with pressure training.
Training is hard and painful,
Go glimpse and see the glory.

The basics are the same for top athlete trainers.

Thank you for your participation today.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude on behalf of Ken Nakata Trainer.