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Dr. Takehiko Yukishita, my classmate at the Graduate School of Medicine, was awarded a degree (Doctor A).
The degree awarding ceremony was held today.
I couldn't attend for various reasons, but my graduate life in 4 has ended today.

Dr. Takehiko Yukishita has been in a wheelchair because of a serious spinal injury in a rugby game during his school days.

97 year 3 month,Juntendo ClinicTaking a graduation examination while being admitted to ICU,Juntendo University School of MedicineGraduated from and passed the national doctor exam.
I have been hospitalized for 1 years 4 months.

Even though almost all the functions of the upper and lower limbs are still lost, you can use your own stick with your mouth and freely operate your personal computer to receive e-mails.

The disaster victims await many difficulties, but even if they lose many of their physical functions like Dr. Yukishita, I think they can overcome any difficulties if they have the mind and attitude to survive positively. The

I'm embarrassed by myself and am trying to get closer to Dr. Yukishita.

Only the person who knows the distress of people with disabilities can understand it.
So was my mother.

However, you can believe that miracles can occur with the support around you, and that impossible is possible.

Dr. Takehiko Yukishita

Congratulations on your graduation and degree award.
I am delighted and honored to have studied at the graduate school with my teacher.
I think that your research will greatly help with the stress management of the victims.
I hope that you can continue to research and work together.

Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine

Nobuhiro Suetake