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yesterday,Danilo ZanoriniCalled me.
4 Mon 17 Day At Korakuen Hall, it is said that a battle with Nichita, who is currently regarded as the strongest player in Japan kickboxing, has been decided.


It is a notable player who has won major players such as Kishenko and Andre Jida.

Only 1 months since last game

Last time it was a title match with the strongest challenger at HEAT 17.
Although it was a decision, we won a clear victory and defended the title.
His opponent Kashiwazaki was a strong enemy of K1 with an undefeated 6 win and a 4 win.
The venue was filled with intense fights.
HEAT 8 winning streak


If you win this game, K1MAX participation is certain.
Japanese 3 DaniloI wish you all the best.
He is a Brazilian citizen, but I am really touched by this disaster.

The other day at the professional boxing oriental Pacific title matchHiromasa OhashiI was deeply moved by the fight and I vowed to fight with an unbreakable heart that never gave up.
It is so terrible that the disaster victims have an unbreakable heart, so I hope the government and other TEPCOs will take the leadership so that they can return to normal life as soon as possible.
I am really surprised at TEPCO's information control and dishonest response, contrary to the life-threatening work of the workers on site.

If you have the opportunity, I would like you to see the performance of the athletes who will fight the victims.