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Watch out for overseas supplements.

Disappointing news was reported.
If you neglect the knowledge and management that are absolutely necessary as an athlete, it will be miserable.

Current affairs dot com: Kitamura positive doping test = muscle strengthening, supplements-wrestling

The Japan Wrestling Association, on April 13, this year's April 29th All-Japan Championship Men's Greco-Roman style 96kg class champion Katsuya Kitamura (25) = Don Quixote = doping (use of prohibited drugs) test, muscle strengthening action An steroid drug, drostanolone, was announced. The association is the first to detect doping in wrestling. The inspection was conducted by the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA) after the match. JADA imposed a suspension of qualification for two years from 17 May to Kitamura, who showed a positive reaction, and the championship was canceled. According to the Japan Association, Kitamura explained that "it may be due to overseas supplements purchased via the Internet."