Hair loss is a medical institution

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So before summerHair removal treatmentLike the Heso Pierce, it will increase rapidly.
When I became a doctor, hair removal was performed by a nurse with a special hair removal needle.

Laser hair removal, especially diode lasers, has been developed and popularized for about 15 years ago, eliminating the strong pain of conventional hair removal and enabling hair removal in a short time.
Later, a facility for hair removal using a YAG laser also appeared.Photo RFHair removal combining IPL and high frequency.
By irradiating the skin with two energies of electricity and light, excessive irradiation of light energy to the skin is suppressed.
Double action system.

Hair removal is difficult to produce, and thicker hair can be easily removed.

Traditionally, hair removal should be performed by a doctor, but it is unfortunate that there are many medical institutions that most nurses leave.
For patients, I always set my own power and perform irradiation and hair removal.
The risk of leaving it to the nurse is great, and burns and pigmentation can occur, so doctors should make sure that the skin condition is diagnosed and irradiated every time.

The nurse may be in a gray zone.
This is also true for photobleaching in esthetics.
Hair removal performed at a medical institution is far superior to hair removal performed at an esthetic because of the safety and effectiveness of hygiene and treatment equipment.

Since medical care emphasizes quality, I think the benefits to patients are greater if they are too nervous about the care and treatment methods.

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