I would like to see more reports on medical care.

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I think the suffering of the victims is beyond imagination.
I can neither rush to the field nor help the doctor, but I would like to think about what I can do for the victims throughout my life.

I think lifesaving is a priority in the field, but I think it is a serious crisis for medical care.

Are dialysis patients okay?
Is there enough insulin for diabetics?
If you are connected to a ventilator
The schedule of patients who have been waiting for surgery because of malignant tumor etc.
Treatment of newborns born with disabilities is
Plastic surgery care for women with severely injured faces
The guidance for the visually impaired

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There will probably be countless sufferings.
There will be many patients who need treatment and drugs immediately.
I felt that there were fewer reports of medical care than expected due to nuclear power and planned power outages.
If there is no insulin, some people will be directly connected to death.
Some people may be directly linked to death if dialysis is not performed.

We hope that you can increase the coverage of relief for those who have suffered from illnesses who are facing the danger of death more than those who died in the earthquake and tsunami.