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Cheating with sloppy expressions

It takes about 2 minute to read this article.

Immediate health is not at a level that can cause serious health damage if you stay for a long time

Symptoms do not appear immediately ... increased risk of cancer and leukemia in the future

Immediately? ? ?
How many hours, minutes, seconds? ? ?

Word phrases that even junior high school students can understand.

Without a doubt, if you live for a long time within the 30 kilometer of the nuclear power plant, future malignant tumors will increase and health damage will increase.

Radioactive materials are scattered in the atmosphere and carried over long distances by rain.

There is certainly a difference between the fact that overseas media is making a fuss and what the Japanese government and self-proclaimed experts convey.

Excessive risk emphasis is a problem, but I have tried to hide the facts.

Self-defense officers, police officers, TEPCO workers on site, Fire Department personnel ... Although there are people who are desperately watering and reconstructing their own health hazards.

Because it is a trace amount, it is not a health hazard immediately. Even if it is said.

They are desperately working with a sense of mission, receiving radiation doses that should never be taken in large quantities.
If the government pays respect, there are people who are struggling to extinguish the damage despite the increased likelihood of exposure to the expected amount of health damage.
It's a really high risk area, but they are desperate and trying to do something.
Even if there is no immediate health hazard, this radiation dose will surely cause a health hazard for a long period of time, especially for children and those who are active outdoors.

Should be explained.

If you are a doctor, it would be strange to use what you say immediately.
The level of radiation damage in the acute phase is like an atomic bomb being dropped.
What everyone wants to know is not immediately, but what will happen in the future, how long will this exposure continue? It is.

A doctor who specializes in nuclear power and emphasizes only one aspect may be like a clinic with curved evidence.

It looks very strange and disappointing.