Soul research

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Today after a long absence Dr. Katsumi InagakiI was talking on the phone.
The proof of soul in regressive hypnosis, research, insights and ideas about true tongues have also come to an end.
In the future, I talked about co-authoring a book about the case of scientific exploration of the soul.

The world's first regressive hypnotic case of historical consensus
Said Ratarajour, who was the mayor of Naru village in Nepal about 160 years ago. True tongue.

These two might be spiritual achievements in world history.

Until now, it has been difficult to capture the evidence of the soul and the previous life, but the fact that the research team captured the objective and reliable evidence of true tongues for the first time in the video has a big meaning and the death of an unreasonable disaster You may be able to tell the existence of the soul to your people, their families and acquaintances even with very little effort.

I am a non-religious person.

If your soul still exists after your body has died, your soul will surely watch over your loved ones.
I hope that the victims who have lost their loved ones will be able to live strongly without being broken by unreasonable disasters.
I sincerely hope so.

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