MTG with trainer

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The number of top athlete coaching offers from all over the country is increasing rapidly, but as long as we are in charge of coaching, results are definitely required.

To that end, it is essential to teach training methods and conditioning methods with reproducible evidence.

Today, after the medical examination, Shibata Satoshi Trainer, Study Group, and MTG.

The MTG for the development of a new training method that could not be achieved by conventional sports practice or gut theory was conducted for 2 hours.

On January 26th, Ms. Hiroyuki Kobayashi and his wife, Mr. Shinichi Yokota, famous for his 4 stance theory, and physical trainers and instructors who are active throughout the country will gather to perform MTG.

On the 29th, personal guidance of top professional golfers in Tokyo.

MTG with former F1 racing driver and principal of NODA Racing Academy.

MTG ...

With the goal of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, we aim to spread the training method with evidence.