Behind the glory

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Today, we have maintained it for 12 years. We have decided to take a break from the Sakae Clinic Athletic Club (TC).

We are proud that we have produced many glory and excellent players since our inception in 2001. The players wore the team wear of Sakae Clinic TC and shined the soul of weeds as the prefecture champion and Tokai king of the relay team.

In 2003, 14 athletes were registered with 14 registered athletics championships in Japan, and they were the most experienced in Japan.

In 2004, Yuki Nakata, the first ever athlete to be a member of the Athletics Division of the Athens Olympics, was selected as a seven-class competition, and many former Olympic and World Championship Japanese national teams belonged to the Tokai region. Thank you for your support.

As a general manager, trainer, and management representative, I have been able to maintain the TC for more than 10 years. I have been able to maintain TC for Chukyo University OB, OG, Chukyo High School Athletics Club Director, Chukyo University Akira Kitamura, Chukyo University Track and Field This is because of the guidance, support, and guidance of coach Shinji Aoto and Professor Moriura of Eitoku High School. Thank you very much.

The reason for the absence was that I was able to prove that I was able to support athletes and develop them to a level where they can support athletes and fight the world, even if they are not big companies.

In the future, if volunteers gathered aiming for 2020, there will be a resurgence, and we decided to treat it as a rest rather than abandoned.

Thank you very much for your guidance and support.

There was a dream that could be realized because of the help of many people behind the glory.