Advanced Medical Seminar

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“Athlete Conditioning Seminar”

-Countermeasures against heat and core cooling effect by CoreControl-
Date: 2015 Year 7 Month 12 Day (Sun) 13: 00 ~ 17: 30 (Reception 12: 30 ~)
Venue: Osaki Brightcore 3 Floor Osaki Brightcore Hall
 I gave a lecture at.
Developer of the world's most advanced conditioning system The main lecture was the invitation of Professor Craig Heller, Stanford University.
The participants were as many as 150, but former Yomiuri giants pitchers, former professional boxing world champions, J-Leger exclusive trainers, executives from sports companies, teachers of specialists in various fields, and comedians participated. It was.

I am studying at a graduate school. This is the content of the world's most advanced core control system for sports medicine.