2 & 4 The fastest man's game Suzuka Circuit

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2015 year 4 month 19 day I went to Suzuka Circuit 2 & 4.

Kosuke Akiyoshi and Takushi Kogure, who are in charge of support, participated in JSB1000 and Super Formula respectively.

Akiyoshi Player The next race is expected to be 44 in 11 due to poor tires.

Kogure Retired due to machine trouble. However, the machine potential and his physical improvement were recognized and he was confident in the fight of the season.

Both players' physical performance is much better than last season, and future activities are expected....

KONDO Racing is next to Akiyoshi's team paddock participating in JSB1000.

The green machine is 2.

Super Formula was a remarkable development with the participation of former F1 racing driver Kamui Kamui and the participation of British players from KONDO Racing.