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Miradry treatment marks

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We have received consultations about the recurrence of wakiga and hyperhidrosis almost every day, but the number of consultations on the recurrence of Miradry treatment has increased rapidly in the summer.

Many people have received explanations of complete cure in 1 times. Repeated recurrences, received 3 times, and re-treated today for patients who paid huge medical expenses to medical institutions.

If you do it multiple times, it should be effective, but ...

  • Miradry is a face treatment
  • EL method is a point treatment

Naturally, if the surface is damaged by heat, it will surely cause a burn.

Moreover, epidermal damage is more serious than dermis.

Mira Dry has a device that cools the epidermis and cools the epidermis. However, heat propagation always occurs and the damage is not limited to the dermis.

The most painful wound is a burn wound.

This is because the nerve endings on the face are stimulated like a scratch.

So Miradry can never be a painless treatment, and even medically, it can be said to be a treatment that is more painful than surgery.

In fact, many of the patients who received Miradry had been unable to sleep for so many days, and their skin was swollen and could not fold

I have been complaining of pain downtime that is not comparable to surgery.

In fact, the operation of the wakiga is less damaging to the epidermis, so the post-operative pain is not strong unless it forms blood.

Surgery → Danger, Pain, Scar

Mira Dry → Safe, painless, no scars left

For me who have done a lot of surgery so far, this is an improbable expression and it is actually different.

Unfortunately, doctors who have never performed a Miradry procedure or have had a Wakiga procedure may be doing a Miradry treatment.

Without abundant clinical experience and knowledge, good results cannot be obtained.

We recommend that you carefully select your treatment.