Crystal mecha art

Real art of science-based Japan!

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The first crystal mecha art

Crystal mecha art

I disassembled the digital circuit with a digital camera and sealed it in a 1.2 cm square resin.
Treasure from space! Imagine materials that transcend human wisdom.
My son taught me to shine this object.
What! There was a cube with a beautiful pattern that I had never seen.

An electronic circuit or electronic component is enclosed in a transparent body to give light.

It disassembles electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, single-lens reflex cameras, etc. that most human beings dispose of without seeing the internal structure, and gives light to its beautiful geometric pattern.

From darkness to shining treasures ...
Make a wonderful transformation.

The art that represents Japan, a science-based country, is not just Japanese but a collection of scientific crystals. Electronic circuit & electronic parts

I was strongly attracted by this and decided to release an art work that expresses science as an artist.
I am confident that the art will be completed, which is regarded as the most beautiful in the world.