Cosmetic surgeon is an artist

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25 years when I began to practice as a cosmetic surgeon
Recently, however, medical care in the field of cosmetic dermatology has increased.
When I transfer from a surgeon to cosmetic surgery, 25 years ago I remember that there was a backlash.
Make people happy with medical technology called cosmetic surgery.
There is knowledge technology and dexterity at hand.
Some teachers say that dexterity can be covered by experience, but I don't think so.
Can anyone be able to run 100M in the 10 second range with practice and experience?
If your hands are dexterous, you can handle fine techniques, delicate design and exfoliation sutures.
Of course, experience is important, but the original dexterity of the hand is absolutely advantageous for cosmetic surgery.

I wanted a more practical clinicalist experience than theoretical study.

I think that it became possible to perform many operations as a cosmetic surgeon in a short period of time and gained many experiences.

A cosmetic surgeon must be an artist.
The ultimate artist. Just like painters create art works using brushes and canvases, cosmetic surgeons create beauty in the living body using scalpels, kilns, needle holders, and so on.

When I was in elementary school, I was anxious to become a manga artist or painter in the future.
However, I grew up in the country where I didn't know the money, the connection, and the technique, and I gave up my dream.
However, I learned that I can become an artist whenever I am motivated.

I will work as an artist in accordance with my daily medical care.