See off the Rio Olympics.

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Yuki Nakata, who belonged to the athletics department of the clinic at the Athens Olympics 12 years ago, participated in the first 7-class competition in history.

Her record of 12 years ago was an unbreakable record.
At that moment I witnessed the break through the B standard and headed to Athens, where Nakata participated as the representative of the Athens Olympics Japan.

The Olympics are amazing! ! And watched many competitions.
What in Athens! Fortunately, 5 Japanese were present at the moment of winning the gold medal.
When I watched women ’s gymnastics, I was amazed at the high level of performance of female players around the world.
This is a picture taken by Shinji Aoto, a 100M former Japanese record holder who played in the 3 circle that accompanied him.

The Rio Olympics will be held soon, but I heard from the officials that it was dangerous to enter Rio for sightseeing and support because of the poor security.

So that. . . Unfortunately this time, I will not participate in the Olympics as a Japanese supporter, but I would like to support and support many excitement from Japan. .