Toru Suzuki, a medal of longing for Rio!

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Paralympic athletics high jump high jumped to Japan representative Toru Suzuki.
High jumper with one leg flying over 2m.
I met him before the London Paralympics.
Severe jumper knee with repeated jumping on one leg.
Repeated steroid injections had already suffered pain that made it difficult to act even if the ligaments were tattered down the stairs.
At that time, I read a newspaper article and told me that Daisuke Suehiro received PRP therapy and was miraculously revived and returned to the race.
I want myself to give PRP therapy ...

The pain suffered so much by the treatment of 3 times became zero.
Although enough practice was possible, the medal was missed in London, but the high jump 4 position 4 x 100M relay was a big success in the 4 position.
This season is in great condition. New record in Japan for the first time in 9 last year.