What is the effect of PRP therapy?

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In Japan, PRP therapy was started for cosmetic purposes.

It has been introduced and practiced at many cosmetic surgery clinics.

But now it is almost no longer done.

The reason is that the facility has been restricted by the Act on Safety of Regenerative Medicine.

It took a lot of clerical work to process the cells.

One of the reasons is that a number of growth factor preparations have recently emerged, making it possible to perform the same treatment easily without preparing RPP.

However, in the sports field, it is expected to attract attention in the future.

It has been more than 5 years since the first treatment in Japan for the top athlete (Athens, Beijing 5 Wheels National Team 110MH Masato Naito). Many top athletes have a great effect.
There are still many offers from top athletes, but we are carefully considering adaptation.

Although the need has decreased significantly, I would like to continue as one of the techniques that can be expected to be effective in beauty.

PRP therapy