Chunichi Dragons Ito Trainer

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We had dinner with acquaintance's Chunichi Dragons Ito Trainer.

Ito Trainer has been a Dragons trainer for over 20 years.

At present, he is the vice director of Shoryukan, but is also an acupuncturist.
He has a strong understanding of my training theory for athletes. This is a trainer who entrusted me with the request of Kuji who was back in the Dragons era, and Nobu Kawakami. An enthusiastic Dragons fan created an important opportunity for me.

For top professionals, fundamental physical improvement is more important than detailed technical guidance.
1: Early recovery of failure, 2: Life extension of player life 3: Improvement of physical ability is required.

If you can do this, you can train as a trainer.

It has been four years since we introduced anti-aging to sports and established a new training theory.
Challenge to F1, challenge to major league, challenge to seize professional boxing world title, challenge to win medal at Olympics. It is no longer a dream.
It is a pity that there are still few people who understand my activities in a world where there are many people who think that they are the best in the feudal world.