88th Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society Information Theme Total Anti-Aging

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Please refer to the Society Information on the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery.
Pre-registration registration is until May 7th.

Participation fee is 18,000 yen for doctors and 9000 yen for non-doctors.
Media participants do not need to pay a participation fee.

In addition to the state-of-the-art cosmetic treatment system, the chairman's lecture will introduce specific examples of the achievement of remarkable results by introducing the anti-aging system to sports for the first time in Japan. New systems will be explained, such as the production of Olympic athletes, support for professional baseball players, and maintenance for racers aiming for F1.
This is a major change in sports training theory. I would like to give a lecture on the original way of aesthetic medicine for me, who is in a position to strictly oppose doping, such as hormone replacement therapy for cosmetic purposes.