The 88th Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society

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On May 15, the 88th Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society will be held at Tokyo Grand Palace Hotel. Exhibitors' booths at the largest meeting in the past are also the highest ever. The special lecture will be Mr. Shinji Aoto from the Japan Olympics, the invited lecture will be Prof. Nobuyuki Mizuki, Professor of Oral Surgery, Yokohama City University. Dr. Atsushi Aoki from Japan Academic information on cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic internal medicine can be obtained.
I will give the chairman's lecture on the theme of anti-aging in various fields, from beauty to Olympics, professional baseball, and Formula 1.
Since this is an open academic conference, teachers who are not academic members can participate.
If you register in advance, you can participate. If you are interested in cutting-edge beauty treatments, please join us.

For media coverage and beauty writer participation, we will prepare a press nameplate. Please contact the above e-mail address. Advance registration is required.

Those who are engaged in beauty-related business and wish to participate in academic conferences can participate if they register in advance.
Please do not hesitate to consult us.